Climb and Craft Easter 2021

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                          Craft and Climb Easter 2021

              4-5 year olds, 1 x 45 minutes climbing, 1 x 45 minutes craft. Total:1.5 hours

(an adult must stay during the whole session and may need to assist with the craft portion).

Choice of two sessions: 9.30-11.00am or 11.30-1.00pm


               Craft and Climb  Easter 2021

     6+ year olds    2 x 45 minutes craft, 2 x 45 minutes climbing, 30 minutes of  breaks.       Please bring lunch/snacks and a drink although snacks and drinks are available to purchase too.

                                                            Total: 3.5 hours                                                    

                            (Can be dropped off)              9 .30am -1.00pm