UP Kids

Instructor supervised climbing sessions: £12.50

contact us for availability and times as these may vary through out the year.

Session length: 1 hour

Instructor:student Ratios. These are the required ratios for each age group.

4/5 years=1:4 ratio
6/7 years=1:6 ratio
8+ years= 1:9 ratio

Available daily

Available at various times in the day and after school as well as on weekends. Contact us to book your space.

Nicas and Nibas ( climbing award programmes for bouldering and high roped walls) will be on offer from September and are suitable for those 7+. Check out this link for more details. Email or message us with your expression of interest.

These programmes will be run alongside our climbing clubs.


Climbing Club:6+

These are progressive learning sessions aimed at improving climbing skills and techniques but also offering fun, a great social experience and comradery.

The Nicas/Nibas programmes will be run alongside the Climbing Clubs.

These will be available daily from September. Contact us for further details.

Please let us know if you there are any other preferred times/ days or any feedback as our offering may be adjusted going forward depending on demand for particular sessions.

All Kids Instructor Supervised/club sessions cost £12.50 each and include harnesses and shoes. 

Other Climbing options:

  • Climbing with parental supervision from 6-15 years: £10 per session
  • Climbing unsupervised for those 16 and over
  • Those 2-5 years can only climb in instructor supervised groups. These include family sessions.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Thank you
Up Climbing Team


Rock climbing is a great whole-body workout.

You build stamina, strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate to work cardio. You need strength to pull yourself up on the rope with your arms. But also tests your core body muscles and legs to enable you to find the right balance during your climb.